NASA's international diplomacy program Edit

NASA in the ATH Universe is only a tad bit different from the NASA in our universe. The acronym still stands, being National Aeronautics and Space Administration. However, trained astronauts can transfer to it even if they're from other countries. For example, Eevee is from Canada and is super patriotic on it. Though Canada has their own space agency, NASA is the most powerful and widely funded out of any in the world. With the "International Bureau of Diplomatic Relations in Space" (IBDRS) program, she can apply to transfer to NASA and still maintain her nationality and such. This program was created as an effort to make the space station much more diverse with astronauts from all over the world (if the USA is allied with them).

With the discovery of intelligent life on the planet Flurug, the name of the program has officially been changed to the "Intersolar Bureau of Diplomatic Relations" (IBDR).