The Bo Staff is a variety weapon used by Fox. In it's regular state, it's basically just a thick piece of wood and metal that is 5 feet long. However, it can change upon activation to be used in different combat situations. It is also extremely flexible, being able to bend a short length before stopping, being nearly unbreakable.

Varieties Edit

Extended: The length changes to 7 feet long and it is more slender. This form is used when needed to thrust or reach something from afar. Another use could be to spin it like a helicopter.

Nun-Chucks: The length is shortened to 3.5 feet and unleashes a chain inside the staff. The chain is about 2 feet long.

Contents Edit

*A small air thruster on one end of the staff which can be used to either boost Fox's lightweight agility or to push opponents away.

*A sharp tungsten steel edge on both tips that can be used in combat or other various uses.